The Incredible Punk, Issue #4156


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The Genisis piece for "The Earth's Mightiest NFTs!" series where veterans from the comic and animation industry, Pop Mhan and Sam Ellis, pay homage to their favorite inspiring NFTs. They started with cryptopunk#4156 first as they have been so impressed with how transformative the relationship of this particular piece has been between the current owner. Like the Hulk #4156 transformed from more than just a man on FEB 18th 2021, transformed more than just 576 pixels representing a "Bandana Monkey" the owner that day perhaps unwittingly became a hero in so many peoples eyes. Is he Man or Meme or is he BOTH? With her, they are both, a hero and a symbol for buyers and artists.

This 4156 and ape-themed artwork was sold at the first-ever exhibition of the 4156 collections on 4/20/2021. They were displayed on the rooftop of 2 Deci Gateway in Cryptovoxels during the exhibition and auctioned on OpenSea. Each participating artist received 90% of the proceeds from the sale of their work, with 10% going to the organizers of the exhibition. Special thank you to @metaverseDAO and @AccelerateArt, to @ClaireSilver12 and @benroy__ for hosting, to Gareth for building the exhibition space in Cryptovoxels, and to all the artists and collectors who participated.